Food for up to 800 people per day. The DFK takes no more than 6 minutes to setup.

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Diesel Field Kitchen Diagram

Field Kitchen

The ELW Diesel Field Kitchen is a state of the art catering system, designed and manufactured in South Africa. The Diesel Field Kitchen uses multi grade diesel as the primary heat source to provide food for up to 800 people per day. Set up and positioning of the DFK takes no more than 6 minutes, making it one of the most adaptable mobile diesel field kitchens in the world.

ELW Global Limited, pioneers in Diesel Field Kitchen (DFK) technology, use Clean-burning Diesel Technology (CDT), which brings a greener solution to its range of mobile field kitchens designed for use in remote and inaccessible areas. Watch our DFK Assembly Video

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ELW Global’s innovations are key to the safe and clean use of diesel in the field. The DFK is a new standard in field catering support.

& Menu

The Diesel Oven design has many commercial components that reduce the requirement for specialised appliances. A wide range of meals can be prepared on the diesel oven using boiling pots, pans, and baking trays, allowing the user to cook multiple meals, offering advantages when catering for different cultural diets.

Watch the DFK Assembly 


Flexible support for your project

ELW Global has a team of trainers capable of training in French and English on the DFK. The training programme covers topics from introduction and familiarisation, to setup and operational instructions and maintenance on the DFK. Training methods include practical and theoretical lessons in the field and in the classroom. Certification is issued to to successful students on completion of the course.

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The Oven

The patented Diesel Burner is designed to burn high or low quality diesel fuel without issue. The oven consists of top plates that have the capacity to cook up to 200 litres of food and the oven has a capacity of 175 litres, thus making it one of the largest volume mobile kitchens available.

The top plates are designed to make use of various size cooking pots, pressure cookers and fryers. The oven is designed for baking and roasting. Additional add-on options include a built-in hot water geyser and storage tank to make the DFK even more encompassing to the outdoor catering experience.

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The Diesel Field Kitchen is ideal for those running projects where access to electricity is non-existant or lacks reliability. With this in mind it is essential our units are designed and built for easy assembly in minutes.

Watch the DFK Assembly 

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