Engineered and manufactured in South Africa

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The ELW Global Diesel Boiling Pot/Pan is engineered and manufactured in South Africa to modern laser cutting, CNC cutting, forming and bending standards, utilizing the latest technologies. All components are manufactured to within 0,2mm tolerance and are interchangeable. Replacement parts remain a stock component and commercially available. ELW Global has a proven record in the manufacture of equipment that remains operational in tough, remote environments and extreme field conditions

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The Tilting pot/pan and surrounds are made of food grade Stainless Steel (304) with higher grades (316) used where acidity may lead to corrosion over the long term.

• 304 Stainless Steel is used on outers, sides, lids and frame.
• 316 Stainless Steel is used on inners of pans and pots


The pot or pan can tilt 100 degrees allowing for easy cleaning and functionality. The boiling pot is a double jacket stainless steel design while the pan is a mono block bowl, both features a pouring sprout for spill free pouring providing food friendly operation. Both the pan and the pot are available in 50, 80, 150 and 200 litres in model numbers:

DT-Pot 50, 80, 150 and 200
DT-Pan 50, 80, 150 and 200

Optional Extra:

Motorized tilting and wheel gear is an optional extra on units over 80 Litres.

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The burner runs on diesel fuel with the following features: The Diesel burners design is maintenance friendly. The Diesel utilized can be of high or low sulphur content (800ppm to 10ppm). There is no requirement for manual ignition preventing external sparks, flame or external pressurization. The burner is fitted with a heat diffuser that eliminates hot spots or soot fouling.

Temperature control for accurate cooking surface temperature management. (within 1°C with a 5°C over/under tolerance) The burner and controls are mounted on the left of the unit. Temperature controls are electronic and turn knob adjustable with a digital temperature display. Diesel exhaust gasses are of the lowest NOX and Hydrocarbon compositions known in diesel burning applications and escapes via a purpose designed flu that is insulted and accommodated in the standard kitchen extraction hub.

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