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At ELW Global we deliver innovative solutions to our partners at excellent value - becoming a dependable single source for manufacturing, training, supply and logistics.





Working on high profile projects, ELW Global is fully equipped to support and supply products in remote, high risk environments. ELW Global has the resources and proven experience to provide valuable guidance to our partners. From the initial consultation right through to delivery and additional training in its operational use, we ensure that we encompass all your project needs.

To date, ELW Global have supplied and delivered base equipment to nations such as Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Somalia, Malawi, South Sudan, Sudan, Senegal, Togo, Niger and Burkina Faso.

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ELW Global

Since its establishment in 2007, ELW Global has evolved into an industry leader in the design, manufacturing and implementation of the following specialist products and services.

  • Water filtration and water management solutions.
  • Personal protection equipment and tactical clothing.
  • General and special purpose vehicles.
  • Low fuel consumption diesel stoves and kitchens.
  • Planning and Logistics.

ELW Global Limited works with Defence and Government Agencies, NGO’s, Peacekeeping Operations, Relief and Humanitarian Support, Mining and Construction Companies primarily in Africa and the Middle East. Our wide range of logistical partners and project managers have ensured the timely, safe arrival of equipment in some of the world’s most challenging circumstances.

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In us you’ll find a dependable source of experience and skill to deliver high quality solutions for projects worldwide.

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