Hybrid Off-Grid Oven


Due to the success of our Diesel Field Kitchen, the 4th Quarter of 2015 sees ELW announce the expansion of its product line.

Recently, we have commenced manufacturing a commercially viable Hybrid Off-Grid Oven. The new oven utilizes solar, battery and diesel technology to provide a low energy heat source for cooking.

First pictures of the Hybrid Oven


The Hybrid Off Grid Oven Uses only 0.5 L of Diesel per hour.


The Hybrid Oven can be integrated into modular buildings, prefabricated buildings, low cost houses, community centres and schools. The stove is capable of burning high or low quality diesel fuel due to the incorporation of Clean Burning Diesel Technology, providing a clean and off-grid catering and cooking solution.

The Oven utilizes many of the same features and functions of a commercial oven, allowing different cooking styles such as roasting, stewing, frying and baking to be performed simultaneously, despite the stove not being reliant on gas or electricity.

40 – 350 People, 3 meals a day
2 x Stove Tops per Stove – 800mm x 485 mm (Each)
690 mm x 430 mm x 590 mm (175 Litres) -Oven
200 Litres – Hot water capacity 



The utility of Clean Burning diesel allows you to continue cooking when the power grid fails you.

We have already taken initial orders on the off-grid diesel oven and are currently in negotiations with Disaster Relief Organizations in Malawi, Zambia and South Africa to supply Rapid Deployment Stoves kitchens if or when disaster strikes.

ELW offers training and support programs that cover topics such as maintenance, repair and operations of all its products in both French and English.


ELW Global are offering Free Installation & Training in Southern Africa during the month of October on all Hybrid Off-Grid Oven orders. Contact [email protected] for details.

Ideal for : Schools, Communities, Churches, Sports Events, Outdoor Events.